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The New Search Engine That Will Change the Way You Invest in Real Estate

Technology has changed how people find real estate. A 2016 study by the National Association of Realtors found that over 90% of people used the internet to research the home they were buying. To make money in real estate investing, you need good data. Numbers do not lie. However, while gathering accurate information is critical, it is not always easy. Bill Lyons, founder of REVESTOR, is looking to change that. He has developed a digital real estate search engine that uses proprietary data to match investors with properties. Revestor enables people to input criteria to meet their investment goals. This customization provides in-depth analysis tools for investors to accurately measure their return and will be valuable to first time as well as experienced investor.

In a recent Forbes article, Julian Mitchell speaks with Bill Lyons to discuss Revestor and other cutting-edge technologies that Lyons is developing that will change how investors do their homework. Read more...

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